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  • Author(s): Chuck Robinson
  • Publication Information:
    [N.p.] : National Highlights Inc. 2016
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      Racism is a belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities that are specific to that race. This belief enables members of one race to distinguish themselves as superior to another race or races. Today, Racism affects the lives of millions of people in many different countries. This book discusses when and why racism began, explores how it feels to be a victim of racism, and suggests approaches for how society can tackle racism in the future. The Critical World Issues series explores some of the most controversial and newsworthy subjects in the modern world. Each book examines the facts about the issue being covered, with information about arguments and opinions from around the globe. Special research projects, as well as a great variety of additional resources, invite the reader to engage with the issues that are currently shaping our world.
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      9781422236598. 9781422281390.
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